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SUNY ESF Limnology Students in Tully on 4/18

C-OFOKLA ha s a long-running partnership with Dr. Kim Schultz and her limnology program at SUNY-ESF. Each year students meet with representatives from member lakes and discuss areas of research that would be helpful. Following successful projects, the students present their results in a fall poster session at the school.

We have invited several of the students to join us at 6pm on April 18th at Tully High School to present their posters and discuss their research with members of the community. Here is a link to abstracts of their posters from the fall posters session.

This annual event is a great opportunity to find out what is going on with some key issues on our lakes as well as to hear first hand from the students about their findings. As we continue to deal with issues such as weeds and algal blooms, the more we know the better we can fight. Be sure to pre-register for the event here. Registration is free and helps us with facility planning.

The first of our Speakers Series events will immediately follow the poster session at 7 pm. Featuring Scott Kishbaugh from DEC, the talk will focus on the effects of warming waters on our lakes.