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Here are presentations from our previous Speakers Series events.

March, 2014 –  Water Travels – David O. Brown, videographer/photographer.

Presented a stunning environmental photo essay with spectacular photographs of polar bears, colorful birds of the Amazon and whales and fish from oceans and rivers around the globe. In the end, David brought us home to the Finger Lakes, with photographs of our native bluegill, pumpkinseed and his favorite, the red spotted newt. David’s overarching message: “water is the stuff of life, as we know it,” and the Earth’s water needs protection.

Sept, 2013Forestry Pests Professor Mark Witmore from Cornell University is a leading expert in Forest Ecology, Biological Control of Forest Insect Pests, Forest Entomology andNon-Native Invasive Forest Pests. This presentation will include a walking field trip in the woods at Camp Hoover. Prof. Witmore will discuss the impact of forest insect pests such as the emerald ash borer, hemlock wooly adelgid, Asian longhorn beetles, and other non-native invasive insects.

August, 2013 – Biomimicry – “The Conscious Emulation of Nature’s Genius” Kevin Stack is and ecological builder, building scientist, and ecoliteracy educator. Kevin first described the innovation of Ecological Performance Standards (EPS), as part of the uniquely adaptable Building in Nature’s Image ™ system. Kevin teaches at SUNY ESF and OCC, and lectures, internationally, as a Biomimicry Speakers Guild member.

June, 2013 – What is Water Quality? – Scott Kishbaugh, Director of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program since 1985. He currently serves as the Bureau Chief of the Lakes Monitoring and Assessment Section of the Bureau of Water Assessment Management. He is the senior author of the book Diet for a Small Lake: A New Yorkers Guide to Lake Management. Scott serves on advisory panels for the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, the NYS Federation of Lake Associations, and the USEPA Nutrient Criteria Development program. He received his bachelors and masters degrees in environmental engineering from Cornell University.

May, 2013 – Working with Neighbors – C-OFOKLA Presentation at NYSFOLA Conference.

April, 2013 – Unconventional Gas Development from Shale Plays: Myths and Realities –  Professor Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell University, Dwight C. Baum Prof. of Engineering & Weiss Presidential Teaching Fellow with several awards for his 25 years of work in research and development, specializing in hydraulic fracture simulation and pipeline safety.

March, 2013 – Feral Swine in Cortland and Onondaga Counties – Justin Gansowski, Wildlife Disease Biologist, working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service

October, 2012 –Shoreline Bacterial Source TrackingJim Cunningham, President of the New York State Federation of Lake Associations and the Madison Federation of Lake Associations as well as founder and owner of New Water Technologies Inc.

August, 2012 – A Kettle Lake Study – Andrew Brainard SUNY ESF Doctoral research on Song Lake, Crooked Lake, Tully Lake, Little York Lake, and Gatehouse Pond

June, 2012 – The Plants Around Our Lakes – Dr. Donald Leopold, Professor of conservation biology and forest ecology at SUNY –ESF on the plants around our lakes.

May, 2012 – Bluebirds in Your Backyard – Niles Brown is a Retired Cornell Cooperative Extension, 4-H Agent and environmentalist on Bluebirds

April, 2012 – Algae; What’s Toxic, What’s Not – Dr. Gregory Boyer, Chair of the Environmental Chemistry Department at SUNY- ESF and Director of the Great Lakes Research Consortium and expert in algal toxins on the algae in our waters

May, 2011 – The State of the Lakes in New York – Nancy Mueller, Director – NYS Federation of Lake Associations

March, 2011 – What Makes a Lake Friendly Landscape? – Dan Segal, Proprietor – The Plantsman Nursery in Ithaca

January, 2011 – SUNY-ESF Linmonlogy Poster Presentations – Dr. Kimberly Schulz Limnology Practicum Project in and around Song Lake

June 2010 – The Fishes of CNY – Natural Resources Steward, Tom Hughes – NYS Ranger

May, 2010 – Municipal Approaches to Water Quality Protection and Restoration – Dr. Elizabeth Moran – Proprietor Ecologic, LLC

March, 2010 – Skaneatleles Lake Demonstration Project – Eric Murdock, PE – Proprietor, Onsite Engineering

February, 2010 – An Introduction to Project Watershed – Matthew Webber, Director – Project Watershed, Isacc Walton League

November, 2009 – Gas Drilling and Watershed Issues – Joe Heath, Esq. – General Council for the Onondaga Nation

October, 2009 – Lake Ecology, Eutrophication and Algae – Professor Kimberly Schulz – SUNY ESF, Limnology

August, 2009 – Fisheries in New York – Dr. Randy Jackson – Cornell Biological Research Station, Oneida Lake

July, 2009 – Understanding Our Lakes – Dr. Lars Rudstam – Director, Cornell Biological Research Station, Oneida Lake

April, 2009 – The Basics of Septic Systems – John Helfrin, PE and Pat Reidy, – Cortland County Health Department and Soil and Water Department

March, 2009 – Lake Management – James Cunningham – President, Madison County Federation of Lake Associations and NYS Federation of Lake Associations

December, 2008 – Lake Management and Other Greek Tragedies – William Kappel, USGS