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Why We Need to Work Together for Our Lakes

While we enjoy the beauty of our kettle lakes, we also face great challenges to our waterways. Each lake shares a hydrogeological history, having been formed at the same time as the Finger Lakes, from the retreating Pleistocene Glacier. While remaining unique, we also share some common watershed issues. Here is a quick synopsis of each of our member lakes.

crooked-lakeCrooked Lake is in Onondaga County, but has a shared hydrogeology with all the kettle lakes. Interestingly, while our lakes drain predominately into the Susquehanna River Basin, Crooked Lake is perched on a divide that drains either to the Great Lakes or the Chesapeake Bay. Historically, Crooked Lake was greatly impacted by water withdrawals by Solvay Process for salt solution mining through the Tully Valley. Today, the residents of Crooked Lake are working to continue to protect the waters by reestablishing the covenants put in place to protect the lake and restore it from past abuse.

LYLLittle York Lake is entirely in Cortland County. It has a lovely County Park and is a thriving attraction for residents in and visitors to the area. With renowned bass fishing and home to the Cortland Repertory Theatre, a tremendous fondness for Little York Lake prevails, and yet, how many know that it is home to numerous aquatic invasive species? Zebra mussels and other invasive species have altered the water quality of the lake and provided an environment that has allowed variable watermilfoil to take over, causing significant damage. Ridding the lake of this invasion is a high priority.

song-lakeSong Lake is a small, mostly private lake. It has also been heavily impacted by past practices of agricultural runoff, outdated septic systems and suffocating milfoil. Through diligent efforts on the part of the homeowners, the waters are now healthier in some aspects, however, the sporadic appearance of harmful algal blooms (HABs) places this lake in serious jeopardy for both recreational swimming and fish habitat. Lakes around the world are facing these blooms, and a solution to this hazard is a concern for lake residents.


tully-lakeTully Lake strides the divide between Cortland and Onondaga Counties. It was historically, a thriving tourist attraction (1890s to 1940s) with a long history of recreational enjoyment and grand hotels. With its meandering shoreline and quiet coves, it remains an