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C-OFOKLA Wins New Grant

We are pleased to announce that C-OFOKLA has been named a beneficiary of the National Fish and Wildlife Fund (NFWF), Chesapeake Bay Technical Capacity Grant for $50,000.  This one year award was obtained through collaboration with Syracuse University’s Environmental Finance Center (EFC-SU) as administrator, Princeton Hydro (Connecticut) as subcontractor for the analytical work, and CCSWCD for other services. This program, Creating Watershed Implementation Plans for Mitigating Stormwater in a Chain of Kettle Lakes, will examine the potential harmful stormwater impacts on our four kettle lakes (Crooked, Little York, Song and Tully Lakes) and work with the public to investigate and design projects for positive remediation.

“We are delighted to win this grant and the recognition of the importance of our watershed as the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay,” commented C-OFOKLA president Tarki Heath. “Working with our partners, we have received a total value in projects of more than $180,000 in the last 12 months.”

In addition to the new NFWF grant, C-OFOKLA is working with CCSWCD to implement the Cortland-county wide Map of Chesapeake Bay WatershedSTOP the Invasion boat steward and outreach program. C-OFOKLA is also working with SUNY Oneonta to create lake management plans for several member lakes using a grant from NYSFOLA.

Why is this important?

Our Kettle Lakes are interconnected to the West Branch of the Tioughnioga River, which eventually joins the Chenango River into the Susquehanna River. The information we gain will assist New York State in achieving their Chesapeake Bay stormwater management goals.  Our outreach efforts will provide important information to our local and regional watershed communities.

Stay connected with us through Facebook, emails and the website to find out when our community meetings will occur: https://www.facebook.com/cofokla/

To find out more about sediment runoff in the Chesapeake Bay, go to https://chesapeake.usgs.gov/sciencesummary-sedimentsourcesandtransport.html