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Aquatic Invasive Species Draft Regulations

Aquatic invasive species are a major problem not only in our kettle lakes, but throughout the state. New York DEC has published a draft revision to their regulations, published in 1993. The following is the summary description from the DEC web site

This action-based, strategic plan updates DEC’s “Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Management Plan,” which was written in 1993. The draft plan includes more than 50 actions designed to address prevention, detection, and response to Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). Priority actions identified in the plan include:

  • Expand the boat launch steward program and ensure consistency of these programs statewide.
  • Develop an AIS response framework to guide decision making when AIS are detected, and communicate the reasoning for the response selected.
  • Implement an AIS public awareness campaign and evaluate its effectiveness in reaching target audiences.
  • Expand the use of AIS disposal stations at waterway access sites.
  • Create regional “first responder” AIS teams to incorporate local expertise in planning and implementing appropriate responses to AIS.
  • Identify and evaluate risks associated with pathways for AIS introduction and movement within New York.

Read the draft plan (PDF)(773 KB)

C-OFOKLA has submitted comments on the draft regulations which you can read here.

Stay tuned as we will be tracking and updating you on this important effort.

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